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George Ornbo is Chief Technology Officer at Clearmatics. He leads the technical delivery of Utility Settlement Coin, a project seeking to tokenize cash assets held at a Central Bank. He also oversees both the engineering and research teams at Clearmatics with focuses on areas such as Interoperability, Privacy, Consensus and Network Economics.

Prior to Clearmatics, George was involved in a number of startups around bluetooth low energy, high frequency audio and multiplayer games. George has published educational books on Node.js and Go under the Sams Teach Yourself series.

George Ornbo

Chief Technology Officer

Zoe is a Software Engineer at Clearmatics.

Prior to Clearmatics, Zoe worked at Skype, Intel and STMicroelectronics.

She holds a MSc in Computer Graphics and a BSc in Software Engineering.

Zoe Nolan

Senior Blockchain Engineer

Aneeque joined Clearmatics after graduating from Imperial College London with MEng in Computing.

He is interested in Blockchain protocol implementation and design.

Currently, he is part of the Consensus team, with the aim to research and implement suitable consensus algorithms for private/consortium networks.

Aneeque Safdar

Blockchain Engineer

Duarte is a software engineer from Portugal with a passion for every kind of new technology that is out there.

In the past he has been involved in web development, creative hardware, and humanoid robotics interaction.

Duarte Aragão

Senior Blockchain Engineer

Antoine is Cryptography Lead.

His work focuses on privacy, cryptography, and security.

Antoine Rondelet

Cryptography Lead

Giuseppe is a Protocol Engineer and his work involves designing and implementing privacy-enhancing protocols on Blockchain.

He has a M.Sc in Cryptography and Coding Theory from the University of Trento (Italy).

Before joining Clearmatics he worked at Accenture as Security Analyst.

Giuseppe Giffone

Protocol Engineer (Cryptography)

Youssef is a born software engineer leading consensus protocols R&D and currently the Autonity client development, he worked on various areas such as cryptography, operational research, low-level programming and distributed systems.

Youssef enjoy's implementing theoretical research and using his math skills to solve real-life problems and the challenge to work on complex and advanced systems. He holds a master degree in electronic engineering from ENSEEIHT(France) and studied AI at EPFL(Switzerland).

Youssef Azzaoui

Senior Blockchain Engineer

Friedrich started life as a humble mechanical engineer.

Specialising in computational fluid dynamics he developed an interest high performance computing and simulation.

Now he leaves the PDEs alone and focuses on distributed computing problems!

Friedrich Max Grabner

Blockchain Engineer

Andrés is Blockchain Engineer focusing on consensus and P2P research for the Autonity client.

He likes science, books and wine.

Previously, he worked as a data scientist and holds a BSc in Physics and a MSc in Computer Science.

Andrés Monteoliva Mosteiro

Blockchain Engineer

Chris is a physicist turned full-stack developer turned blockchain engineer and joined Clearmatics after diving into the blockchain space when Ethereum piqued his interest.

With a background in physics and a passion for engineering, Chris designs and builds systems and mechanisms.

He also occasionally doubles up as the company barista and ensures everyone is well caffeinated!

Christopher Chung

Blockchain Engineer

Marcin is passionate about technology with a particularly high interest in Networking and Distributed Systems.

His skill set comes from a variety of environments where he has had opportunities working as a Systems, Network and DevOps Engineer.

He is currently focused on changing the way devices communicate over global networks.

Marcin Bieszke

Blockchain Engineer

Tudor has been playing with unicorns since the bulletin board and dial-up era, now he is helping Clearmatics engineer their own.

He is passionate about the constant evolution of Cloud Native and DevOps and how to weave together pipelines and automation to bring about efficiencies, increase team velocity, assure consistency, and in turn world peace.

Tudor Georgescu

DevOps Lead

Daniel is a Graduate Blockchain Engineer with a BSc and MSc in Electrical Engineering, both from KTH Royal Institute of Technology, and focuses on Autonity client development.

Before joining Clearmatics, Daniel worked on a mobile prototype to interact with blockchains.

Outside of work, Daniel likes to explore London, wildlife, and stay active.

Daniel Kastensson Fan

Junior Blockchain Engineer

Michal is a cryptography researcher interested in cryptographic protocols, especially those involving non-interactive zero knowledge (NIZK), and provable security. His previous research included topics like leakage-resilient cryptography, zero-knowledge proofs for shuffles and secure parameter generation for NIZKs.

Michal holds a PhD degree from the University of Warsaw and has joined Clearmatics after his post-doc at the University of Tartu. He started life as a humble mechanical engineer. His papers can be found here.

Michal Zajac

Cryptography Researcher

Raphaël is a Protocol Engineer interested in PETs (Privacy Enhancing Technologies (as well as pets)) who joined Clearmatics on April Fool's Day 2019 to work on cryptography and privacy questions.

His research at University College London gravitates around the question of decentralisation and scalable privacy friendly protocols.

Raphaël Toledo

Protocol Engineer (Cryptography)

Before joining blockchain projects, Eugene was the developer of highload projects at Alibala Group.

He joined the blockchain for developing distributed protocols, where he fell in love with R&D.

He is a contributor to Ethereum protocols WhisperV6, LES and ULC, and a distributed source of randomness for Tendermint.

Eugene Danilenko

Blockchain Engineer

Andrea is a computer engineer from Italy who joined the blockchain revolution for its anthropological implications.

He has a great passion for philosophy, football and old-school rap music.

Andrea Di Nenno

Junior Blockchain Engineer

Kristian is a cryptography researcher developing privacy solutions in the blockchain space.

He has a PhD in theoretical particle physics and previously held research positions in Australia, Canada and Germany.

Prior to joining Clearmatics, he worked for a blockchain-focused startup conducting security audits and undertaking blockchain-related research.

Kristian McDonald

Cryptography Researcher

Duncan is part of the research team, focussing on cryptographic protocols for privacy.

He holds a PhD in Mathematics from Chuo University in Tokyo.

Duncan has previously worked as a software engineer designining and implementation blockchain technology, and has also spent several years in the games industry specialising in concurrency, high-performance and distributed computing.

Duncan Tebbs

Protocol Engineer

Before joining Blockchain projects, Boris was a developer of highload projects at Alibaba Group.

He is a contributor to Ethereum protocols WhisperV6, LES and ULC, and a distributed source of randomness for Tendermint for DGaming.

Boris Petrov

Blockchain Engineer

Alex has a background as a network engineer having experience of building and utilising infrastructure of high loaded cryptocurrencies exchanges and other blockchain-based services.

He is currently working with cloud platforms to integrate microservices architecture with blockchain specific technologies.

Aleksandr Poliakov

Senior DevOps Engineer

Zhangxin (Jason) Chen is a Senior Blockchain Engineer at Clearmatics.

Previously, Jason worked at UESTC, Tieto, Kingsoft, Nokia and AXEL.

Jason believes that blockchain has incredible potential to change the world, and that is why he wants to hack it so much, and try to improve it and make it better.

Zhangxin (Jason) Chen

Senior Blockchain Engineer

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