We design protocols and build platforms for decentralised markets.

Protocols and p2p platform architecture - cryptographic systems for open, transparent markets to exchange value.

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Our Mission

Founded in 2015, Clearmatics is a London-based blockchain company. We build decentralised network platforms for the p2p exchange of tokenised value between network members. Our ethos and architecture is grounded in protocol, p2p architecture, removing friction and market inefficiencies, strong security guarantees and interoperable exchange across platforms to build a p2p ecosystem for market infrastructure.

Our technology is p2p network platforms and protocol first - protocol suite, software that implements those protocols and provides software and infrastructure for p2p networks.

We use our technology to build p2p networks and decentralised markets.

P2p networks enable the transfer of economic value and automation of contractual and fiduciary operations without reliance on trusted third-parties. Such decentralised networks can interact with one another, creating a wider ecosystem of value and leverage the network effect, and they can form part of wider decentralised financial markets.

Decentralised markets is a new concept, one that builds on the security and resilience guarantees of distributed ledger and systems engineering to provide a platform for tokenising value and transferring its ownership between participants on that or, by cross-platform exchange, on other platforms.

We believe that our technology will drive adoption of a next-generation markets where intermediaries are removed, incentive structures encourage self-regulation, and risks are mitigated and reduced to the minimum. Decentralised markets don't just provide a cryptographically secure environments for market participants to transact, it provides a p2p model that removes financial intermediaries and engenders a wider ecosystem for value transfer across platforms and pre- post-trade processes. Decentralised markets work to mitigate concentration and liquidity risk, reduce settlement cycles to real-time, remove friction, and lower the transaction cost of economic exchange.

Clearmatics is a company with a strong belief in the open source movement and the Ethereum community. We work closely with the Ethereum Foundation, and are an active member of the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance (EEA).

Funding to help build decentralised markets

We have been backed by the following investors to create p2p ecosystems.

TNF CapitalRoute 66 VenturesXTX MarketsNYCA PartnersFenbushi Capital

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