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Working at Clearmatics

Why Clearmatics?

We are blockchain and financial protocol engineers working on some of the hardest problems in our domain. If you are excited by the challenges of productionising foundational research to help make the vision of decentralised markets a reality, get in touch!


Your input will be highly valued and you’ll be involved in creating and building in whatever team you join.


You will have the opportunity to be part of a scaling business delivering a high-growth strategy and gain invaluable insight into this journey.


We have a lovely, diverse team made up of doers and thinkers from around the world.

Personal development

We provide a unique environment for your long-term personal development. Self-learning, and L&D are at the core of our business - we wouldn't be here without it and it's part of our DNA. Learning time is accomodated in every working week.

Knowledge sharing

Knowledge sharing is a huge part of our culture and we credit our success to an open culture where people are actively encouraged to share their expertise and experience. We have close links to leading industry bodies such as the Ethereum Foundation and the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance.

Step-by-step process

Joining Clearmatics

So, we've piqued your interest (or you've piqued ours).
You like what you see and you're interested in joining the team?
What next?

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Initial review

We'll review your CV or LinkedIn profile and any examples of your work that you might have shared with us - this could be on Github; a personal blog; or papers that you've contributed to.

We use Greenhouse to manage 'all things people'.


Swap stories

Our interview process begins with a phone or video call with a member of the 'People' team. This is an opportunity for us tell you more about the role and its context within the greater team and to give you some background on Clearmatics.

We'll cover some of the usual admin questions to make sure that there is a mutual fit.


Face-to-Face interview

You like what you see and you're interested in joining the team? What next?

Technical roles

3a. We'll invite you for a technical interview with two members of the engineering team, usually by video call. As we are a cross-functional team, we mix the interview process up so that you have the opportunity to speak with people from the wider engineering team. We'll want to understand your technical ability and gauge your interest in blockchain. This interview will reference skills/ experience from your CV (previous roles and/or academic studies) as well as some general discussion about your interest and experience in the blockchain space (Ethereum especially). Remember we are aiming to build a world-class team, so passion is key!

3b. Some roles require a technical deep-dive interview where we will set you a mini-challenge to do in your own time. The usual format is that we email a set of questions over to you prior to a technical deep-dive call with the hiring manager.

Non-technical roles

3a. For non-engineering roles, we'll invite you for a first video call with the hiring manager and another member of the Clearmatics team. As we are a cross-functional team, and we mix the interview process up so that you have the opportunity to speak with people from different functions within the team. This interview will be made up of questions around your previous experience and your understanding of the requirements of the role. We'll want to see that you 'get it' and have either delivered something similar before, or if you haven't, have the ability to understand the requirements and talk us through interesting approaches. Some of the questions are designed to see how aligned you are to our values.

3b. We may also ask you to pre-prepare a brief or consider some scenario-based questions. This is to see how you would approach some of the challenges that we face here and assess your problem-solving ability.


Final Interview

Nearly there! Finally, you will be invited to a final video interview, where you will meet several key team members, including the hiring manager and a member of the senior management team and/or our CEO.

Our Team

Leading Team

At Clearmatics, we are tackling the hard problems in the Blockchain space. Our growing team includes experience from leading universities, start-ups, the Ethereum Foundation, Skype, Online Gaming, and Aerospace & Defence amongst other industry verticals.

We are active members of the Ethereum ecosystem. The team is working in an area of rapid innovation and has a strong Open Source ethos. We have implemented a thoroughly researched privacy solution involving Stealth Addresses and Ring Signatures and are currently working on how to interoperate Ethereum based chains without an intermediary. Other areas of current research include zkSNARKs, multiparty computation, private transactions/assets, protocol design (e.g. proof relays/pegs), formally verified smart contracts, and type-safe and performant distributed virtual machine architectures.


We offer the following benefits:

Competitive salary

High-spec, new machine (and hardware budget for engineers so that they have the best equipment)

"Show and Tell" sessions - knowledge sharing across teams


Remote and flexible working

Professional development - annual individual Learning & development budget

Access to Perkbox benefits (discounts on gym membership/travel/retail/restaurants)

Core Values

We share a belief that Blockchain technologies have the potential to disrupt well established industries by automating many cost intensive processes.

Honest and Open: effective communication

Always Growing: learning and development

Free Thinking: ideation and decision making

Real World Output > Technology: valuing people

Open Roles

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